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Mindtalker | Playing the Electric Guitar like Chuck
Mindtalker Showcase 1
United States of America
Arroyo Grande, CA
United States of America
  • Alternative
  • Blues
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More About Mindtalker

I've been playing for a while. I enjoying doing new material often. This site is fun and I have another account on my other laptop. But I'm trying this new account. Call me the Mindatlker. I''m gonna play original alternative and blues on electric guitar..or I may play saxophone!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I've been professional for a while so I really don't remember anything funny about the streets. It's good to have a good home. It is good to serve music here instead out in the weather. Blessings

Embarrassing Moment

Guy tipped me $100 and I didn't insist he take it back

My Instrument

I still have my first saxophone. It's got some dings and scratches. If I make enough money playing here on street jelly then I'll use the money to fix that alto saxophone. It's an Armstrong