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Mike Flynn | You never know what you're gonna get
Mike Flynn
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United States of America
North Carolina
United States of America
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I grew up during the most creative time in musical history, the '60's. I've always loved music, but it wasn't until the 20th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper that I decided to learn to play guitar. So, I borrowed an electric guitar and an amp, bought a Beatles songbook and taught myself (how well, you be the judge). I am not a professional musician nor am I in a band, I just love to play.
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My Instrument

My first real guitar was (is) a Rickenbacker 330. Beautiful action. I was hooked. Now I have 3 Ricks including a 12 string. My main guitar is a Rickenbacker 325 reissue. Great action, great sound. I also have an Fender acoustic. When I win the lottery I plan to expand my collection.

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Merry Christmas!
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“Once in a lifetime.”
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