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United States of America
Santa Cruz, Ca
United States of America
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More About Michelle1

Michelle iris is a natural born entertainer, everything from puppet shows about how to deal with challenging emotions to playing twinkle twinkle little star on her professional steel drum. Michelle has been entertaining children for over 30 years when her son Jesse was born. Michelle is engaging and loves to tell stories and play music for children. Michelle has also played for elderly folks in care facilities as well as everyone in between while playing music on the street. Michelle has performed in coffee shops and open mics and is very excited to be doing more performing both with music, puppets, juggling, and more. There is so much to talk about right now with the children about what is happening with the pandemic and I am excited to bring some shows to you that may bring some laughter, compassion and thoughtfulness to your day. Thank you for taking the time to read about me and perhaps watch one of my shows. I am just getting back into performing.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

It’s really great when two-year olds are mesmerized by music! I love when families are walking by and the children start dancing spontaneously. I also appreciate that folks can walk by or stop and listen. It’s always a joy to see faces light up. I do also love receiving tips, always feels good to turn a hobby into a profession. Sing a longs are a real crowd pleaser too, especially with the little ones. My favorites are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Row Row Row your Boat, Old MacDonald Had a Farm and many more. Living in Santa Cruz California there are many great spots to play music on Pacific Avenue. It is called the Pacific Garden Mall. My family has been playing music on the streets of Santa Cruz since the 1980’s. I followed my sisters lead with playing guitar and singing songs written by Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, the Grateful Dead, Victor Manning, and many more. It is truly an honor to play music written by these great artists and deliver them to other folks to appreciate.

Embarrassing Moment

I try and perform for children so I have less of these! I find children to be very tolerant audiences.i have been in situations where my guitar was out of tune and I didn’t realize it, or I’m off key. I have done a majority of my performing with other musicians who were a bit more advanced then myself. I let them lead the show and therefore I did not feel any better embarrassment, just pride. I am sure there will be some embarrassing moments in my future but I think it is also I am person that does not embarrass too easily so this question is a little tricky for me. I do enjoy performing and I look forward to spending more time doing it from the comfort of my own home here on StreetJelly. I believe that playing music a true and easy connection to the positive vibrations of the world. I always feel good while playing music and often have a sustained positive vibration after the musical instruments have been put away. I love the way the strings sounds. Both alone and together.

My Instrument

My guitar was inherited by my late partner Victor Manning. He was a pro jam band guitarist. I mainly play acoustic guitar and steel drum. I have played ukulele, saxophone, clarinet and piano. I really appreciate the diversity of the guitar and how many different styles of playing there are. Also the endless keys, notes, frets, etc, for one instrument it offers endless sound combinations. Pretty amazing creation. My steel drum is quite fun and unique as well. It was acquired specifically for entertaining seniors in nursing homes. It has been used in many nursing homes as well as preschools. Children absolutely love to play the steel drum as it puts off a vibration that is quite magnificent. I remember playing saxophone in Junior High, it was fun but my cheeks would get sore and I did not like that. I suppose any instrument or anything that you do enough to get good at will put a toll on some part of your body. Even typing, I practiced a lot of typing before I got this good.

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