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Marie B | Instrumentals, Covers, and Originals
Marie B
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United States of America
United States of America
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I grew up listening to Classic Rock on the radio playing in our kitchen. Picked up the guitar in my 20s, the mandolin in my 30s. Camped at Winfield Music Festival and found a desire to play many styles of music live acoustically with others. I have been influenced by family, those folks at Winfield, and Kevin Clark.
I have written about 20 songs and look forward to start writing more soon that are more mainstream than the more personal ones I have written.
I found streetjelly last year and have enjoyed listening and chatting. At this time I have an Instrumental list of songs I enjoy playing and adding to, cover's that I love to play when others are singing, and a couple original sets, Thanks for listening.

Update October 2022: I am starting a "name that tune" segment at the beginning of my shows following the first song I play. If you would like to enter your answer as a replay viewer you may email me at Thanks for playing!
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  •  “Chicken Little cameo after NTT contest!“
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