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Mr Robot
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United States of America
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More About Mr Robot

Well, I joined SJ in 2013 but my Internet was so bad I couldn't really do anything but listen, and barely that. I just moved and now have incredible Internet bandwidth so it's time to try my hand at performing. :)

I've been playing and singing most of my 64 years. I've really only been in one band in all that time. The Xcentrix lasted about 10 years and we played only local clubs and did a good bit of charity work. Heck of a lot of fun but I raised a family of 4 at the same time so not much time to get serious about the music.

Now I'm a retired nester with a great Internet connection. lol... Lets see what kind of noise I can conjure up here on SJ.

I look forward to making some new friends and hopefully finding some fans. Enjoy!!!

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Not in the streets but at a gig... Had a couple walk in while we were playing Mustang Sally. They sat down and the lady immediately got up, approached the stage, and proceeded to cuddle up to me and help me sing the song. By cuddle, I mean pretty much crawled all over. Her fella was sitting at the table observing the whole thing and glaring at me with daggers, or so I thought. Never said a word, just sat there starring at me. When the set was done I went to the table to introduce myself and try to calm the waters. Didn't take long to realize that the gentleman was inebriated to the point that he could barely speak at all. I don't think he could even see well enough to know what was going on. Lady said "don't mine him,sugar. He's drunk as a coot!" and laughed. Then she asked what we, as in the band and she, were playing next. LOL!!!!

Embarrassing Moment

First time I ever played on a stage I stood with my back to the audience the entire time. Pretty sad....

My Instrument

I've been through a lot of equipment over the decades. But, I guess my favorite was a Robert Cray sig Strat. Sold it to pay off some debts. Family comes first. I sure miss that axe. :/

These days I play a Line 6 JTV-69 Variax through a Line 6 Helix. Bit of a beast to tame but my programming career has helped. :)

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