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I have been in the music industry for the last 30 years as a Solo Music Serenader/Performer/Singer.

I have performed for various hotels institutions and restaurants in Bangalore and Goa. My repertoire ranges from Retro to the latest selections that feature on the various music channels and radio stations.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

There was a time when I was playing to an audience on a busy street in Bangalore India, in front of the Levi showroom and I had quite a few fan following blocking the road when the cops/fuzz on patrol came by and asked me to move over as I was obstructing the busy road.They tried to confiscate my guitar but to my lucky stars the management of the Levi showroom intervened and saved the situation for me.

Embarrassing Moment

There was a time when I was playing and singing at a Hotel venue during the beginning of this year, when one of the lady guests embarrassed me in front of her husband and the other guests saying that she wished to Kiss me after she heard me singing and playing I'm All Out Of Love by Air Supply, and she did so even before I could say NO which prompted the management of the hotel to tell me to stay far away from guests./customers to avoid any complications. She was from California.

My Instrument

I have two beautifuL Acoustic Guitars one is a YAMAHA and the other is a WASHBURN and I still have them both not forgetting MY J B & A. All three guitars have a unique sound of their own. The J B & A is what I will use on Streetjelly as it can be electrically connected.

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