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Kelly Mark | Original And Classic Cover Tunes!
Kelly Mark
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Ottawa Ontario
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Hi, I'm singer/songwriter/guitarist Kelly Mark I am from Ottawa Ontario Canada!
I pick up the guitar when i was about 11 years old as i just love listening to The Beatles and The Monkees etc. But gave it up as i ended up having a bad Teacher! A very close friend of mine was over play guitar for my family, and i told him that i wanted to learn guitar once again! So in 2002 i went out and bought a guitar and had my buddy teach me guitar. I never gave up as i just had to play music as it was in my blood. I also had songs in my head that I just needed to get out.
I hope one day one of my songs will get released and played on the radio! I would love to leave something for my wonderful 3 daughters!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

Well it would have to be while i was singing a Elvis song live i started to cry! I do not know why it happened but it did! Oh well not a lot you can do :)

My Instrument

I love all my guitars but i guess my favorite would be my Gibson J-45 out of my guitars.
My very favorite guitar that i have played was a very old Martin D-28 it played it self i just loved it, but my buddy had to sell it. he did ask me if i wanted to buy it but could not afford it at that time!

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