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United States of America
Peoria, IL
United States of America
  • Folk
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More About KathyFolkulele

Kathy Folkulele is a singer-songwriter and ukulele enthusiast playing many genres of acoustic music including folk, indie, Americana, and interesting unplugged oldies.

I have loved to sing my whole life, and while I started out on guitar, I've been playing the ukulele for over a dozen years now and have become completely charmed by the instrument. I have hosted ukulele-playing groups and an open mic in my town, and led workshops for beginning players. I have performed at parties and local festivals, and I'm currently live-streaming to a worldwide audience! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share what I love with you! ☮️
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

My most embarrassing moment performing happened at an early gig when I pulled out a binder of music to play a request and placed it onto a flimsy stand. The binder went sideways, popped open, and the pages fanned out across the floor and into the audience. As I recall, I improvised an amusing story to distract folks while I gathered my materials, mortified.

I've met a few of my musical idols, and handled myself fairly well. I recall one time tho, the morning after a concert I had traveled to attend. I had a great time the night before, and rolled out of bed to the motel breakfast the next morning in pretty rough shape. Midway through breakfast, who should walk in, but the musician I had traveled to see. He caught me attempting a discrete iPhone photo of him at the coffee service. He was very cool about it, posed for a picture, and we had a nice chat. Folk singers are cool people!

My Instrument

I gave my first adult guitar to my nephew to learn on. I still have most of my significant instruments other than that one, including a couple of guitars and around a dozen (!) ukuleles. My instruments all have names. I tend to name inanimate objects that I feel a personal connection to, such as cars and cell phones. And I can't think of a relationship with an inanimate object that could be more personal than that with an instrument that I hold in my arms every day and attempt to coax music.

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