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KarelB | ol' fashion crooning
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South Africa
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa
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So, there I am, four years old and my eldest sister teaching me "
Kiss yo mah an kiss yo Pah while bathing me. Thats where my love for singing began and we spent many delightful hours singing along with whoever wanted to sing along and playing guitar. Somehow, however, life got in the way....but now, at 60, when most singers cover the mics for good, I am determined to make myself heard and live just a little of my life long dream.
My alias, Oom Karel, by te way is pronounced "wimkarel". In Afrikaans and in the Afrikaans culture, any senior (in age) man is addressed as oom. Oom directly translates into uncle, but the term is not reserved for relatives.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

My first guitar wasn't mine at all. Neither was my second... I just sorta "borrowed" my eldest brother's guitars as he brought them home. Only once I worked and could afford it I bought my first nylon string Yamaha...which my children "borrowed".
I tried playing a twelve string guitar, the only instrument I ever named (her name was Saartjie) but I never felt comfortable with her, so I reverted to 6 strings, but I did move from Nylon to steel.