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Rank Amateur that is finally gotten old enough not to care about how bad I may sound. I also don't care, life is about having fun..... I enjoy listening to music, and I try to mimic (to a given degree) that same noise on guitar.

I greatly appreciate the support and encouragement from the SJ Family, both the listeners AND performers! That encouragement is helping me to try this again....

Like I've stated before, just cause I can't sing, doesn't mean that I won't!!!!

* newly added... apparently, all my listeners are Way too kind!!!! last performance left plenty of room for improvement... hope the next one is better!!! (if there is such a thing!)

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never played on the street, they have a law where I live about being a public nuisance!

Embarrassing Moment

I was given a chance to play at a benefit to support music in our local school system. I was switching guitars from electric to acoustic, and I hit the wrong button on my amp. I was trying to hit the tune key to disable the amp while I switched guitars. Bottom line, the pre-amp in the acoustic didn't like it and I filled the hall with a great feedback. Hendrix would've been

My Instrument

I've got a few guitars. One is never enough!!!! No names for them, but I wish I still had my 67 Jazzmaster or my old original Hofner bass. I sold them both for $75.00.....

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