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JpxWinkler | Italian amazing voice
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JPX Winkler, is an Italian Live singer, who loves music and singing.
From the North of Italy, Jpx Winkler brings his hoarse voice .He will delight you with classic 80's Rock, Rockabilly, Italian and some Bossanova one nice song list with many Songs for any public. JPX is very happy to take requests and switch the rhythm to give something unique for everyone. He comes with a dancers team to make more special these atmosphere and making any show one special experience. We come with a dance team during all shows.

-Adriano Celentano-Hai bucato al mia vita
-Adriano Celentano-Quello che nn ti hi mai detto
-Adriano Celentano-Arcobaleno
-Adriano Celentano Svalutation
-Adriano Celentano/Mina - Acqua Sale
-Adriano Celentano - Soli
-Aerosmith - Dream on
-Alan Parson Project - eyes in the sky
-Alex Britti - Oggi sono io
-Albert Morris - Feelings
-Alberto Sordi - E va
-Alcazar - Cry at the Discoteque
-Amy Winehouse - Back to Black
-Andy Williams - Il pa

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