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Jon Lote
Jon Lote
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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
  • Alternative
  • Folk
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No Bio, why? Someone suggest to the musician to fill out an interesting profile. We all want to learn more about them.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never performed on the Streets. I'm too shy. Only ever performed in bars and pubs.

Embarrassing Moment

I once had to stop playing bass to catch the rhythm guitarists combo amp which was positioned on a table on the side of the stage.
During the first few numbers, the vibrating decibels bellowing from the amplifier caused it to dance around the table, which inevitably neared the edge of the table.
I noticed this just in time and caught the amp as it fell! Slightly embarrassing but at least I spared the guitarist from forking out a few quid for damage! He late bought a proper amp stand

My Instrument

I bought my first guitar in October 1995, which is an Aria (that's all the info I have) and it is a Wide-neck Classical Guitar. I still play it to this day.