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with COVID finally over we'll be back to doing shows as often as once a month
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Life on the Street

this old house has been the base for lots of musicians to come and have some fun.In the past we use to go electric but that always seemed to bring the cops right about midnight
so now we keep it acoustic.

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Standing Ovation Pin Standing Ovation Pin
45 Awards
“Bravo, Bravo!”
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Love Song Pin Love Song Pin
1 Award
“You made my heart sing.”
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Rock God Pin Rock God Pin
2 Awards
“I bow to your Godliness.”
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Charity Pin Charity Pin
1 Award
“I love and support your charity.”
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Jelly Jingle Pin Jelly Jingle Pin
2 Awards
Merry Christmas!
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Stay-at-Home Jammer Stay-at-Home Jammer
1 Award
“On my couch, saving the world.”
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