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United States of America
Corvallis, OR
United States of America
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More About JATY_Music

I go by John Taylor but was born with a much longer name that's difficult to pronounce. My earliest influence was John Denver. I heard his Rocky Mountain High in a laundromat, waited til they finally announced who it was, then rushed off to buy the album. Over the years, I'd come to meet him, spend some time with Harry Chapin one summer, and several other seasoned professionals.

Inspired by Harry's advice, I was soon offered a songwriter's contract from Rincon/Lawrence Welk Music by Dean Kay. I've made many mistakes through the years, but the biggest one by far was turning him down because I wanted to play my songs myself. And it's still my greatest joy, playing them, having fans know the words or ask for a particular original. Better than hearing yourself on the radio!

It's never been an option for me. I write and play and sing because I have to. Through decades and life on 3 continents... I hope you'll enjoy coming along with me on some of the journey.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Total candor? I've never been much for busking. Been lucky, that way. There was this one time when I was in Tulsa with an expensive Collings and just felt like playing. I kept the case open because seemed it might rain, but turned it towards me. All the same, people dropped bills in the case. I'm always honored when people enjoy my music enough to give up some of their hard-earned cash in appreciation.

Embarrassing Moment

The time I happened upon Melissa Etheridge when she lived half a block down the street. I'd never been starstruck before but suddenly the best I could come up with was "Uhmm... I've heard of you." I recovered and we're on good speaking terms now, but I still get tongue tied and don't say what I wanted to sometimes.

My Instrument

Current guitar? Neo II, a 2015 Taylor revoiced 614ce First Edition that I spent 4.5 years looking for. Ask me about Moby sometime.