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Hobbyhorse | Celtic & Original Folk
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United States of America
San Francisco Bay Area
United States of America
  • Folk
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More About Hobbyhorse

We have been playing music together since 2001 in our living room, at open mics, at venues and festivals. Our biggest influences are British folk rockers like Pentangle & Donovan and the San Francisco sound of the psychedelic 60s.

We write our own songs and create unique arrangements of Celtic and British folk songs.

Our duo is called 'Hobbyhorse'. We are also sometimes called 'The San Francisco Hobbyhorse' We are Annie Aronson & Phil Campbell.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

Annie - My most embarrassing experience was playing a gig early on in my gigging career at a new age pharmacy where they were having an open house with massage therapists and healthy cosmetic and herbal supplement dealers. I was playing light percussion and chimes with a friend. The cosmetics guy told the pharmacy manager that we were interfering with his facials and they pulled us aside and asked us to play only chimes and no percussion. So we are sitting there playing chimes and then they turned on the radio

My Instrument

Annie - I love my guitar. Phil helped me pick it out. Out of all the guitars I tried, it had the right sound when blended with my voice. It’s a Martin 00015s. I also have lots of world percussion instruments. I love my cheap Remo tambourine. I play it in the middle eastern style and am always surprised at how many sounds I can get out of it.

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