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Gold Coast
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More About Henk_Strumfest

My name is Henk Brent. I have been a singer/guitarist for more years than I care to remember. In recent years I have turned my attention to presenting music and songs in a format people can play and sing along with. So while I am singing, you can see the lyrics and the chords and sing/play along.

Since Iso started I have been doing regular Facebook Live sessions to people in Australia as well as people in various other parts of the world. Recently a friend suggested I should try StreetJelly so here I am.

The sing and play along sessions are based on my own backing tracks of popular songs and are accompanied by my vocals and my guitar or Ukulele.

Nothing I have done as a musician has been more fun and more rewarding than having other people join me in regular jam sessions.

Henk Brent
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was playing at a Sunday market. People were putting coins and the odd note in my guitar case. It was a market and there were always people milling about. I was singing and playing away when this youngster (maybe 5 or 6) came and started taking money out of my case and disappearing back into the crowd. Maybe three times he darted out and took a few coins each time.

When I finished the song, I asked if anyone knew the kid that was sharing my hard earned takings. No, they said and the kid was nowhere in sight. Next song it happened again. When I finished, I just sat there for a minute or two trying to decide what to do when people started laughing, and the kid came and put all the money back. Turns out the regular stall holders had organized it all for a bit of fun. They thought it was a great joke.

Embarrassing Moment

Our regular open mic sessions always featured a paid guest act midway through the afternoon. On this occasion the guest band did not play one of their very popular songs that was almost always, part of their set and a big crowd favorite.

On completion of their act a few of their band members stayed. So later in the afternoon I decided to add the song they had left out, to my own playlist. When I finished the song, I said "So there it is the song that ???? left out of their set" and for the life of me I could not remember the band's name. Eventually the whole audience shouted it out.

Whenever I met any of them after that they would say "What was your name again"?

My Instrument

I still have my first instrument. An Australian made Maton guitar. I called her Nellie. Nellie and I have been through a lot together performing at venues and private parties.