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GypsyPianoBluez | Blues rockin' piano blues
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United States of America
Sierra Vista AzZ
United States of America
  • Blues
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More About GypsyPianoBluez

Learned to play piano at the age of four.Mother was a music teacher.Then grandma brought me a Wurlitzer Jukebox .Learned to play by ear.Played in bands most of my life then went solo in 08 but had GPB since '94.
A recording blues artist with internetional airplay.
Styles blues/blues rock/country blues/rockabilly & boogie woogie piano blues.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Performed downtown Pittsburgh on First Night a few yrs back. It was fun but brutally cold,fingers were froze so kept running into a store to warm them to still be able to play

Embarrassing Moment

There was a an elderly man dancing,he was loaded fell right in front of my piano and hit his head.I couldn'ct get to him as the band was squished into a corner.Guitarist was on one side drummer directly in back,wall on other side of me.But he got up after a moment.Wow. What an experience!

My Instrument

I was 14 and my electric organ broke,I tried to fix it myself with no knowledge and blew out the electric in the house.My mother was livid my father had to come fix it & they were divorced.What a howl!