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GypsyPianoBlues | Gypsy Piano Blues- piano blues rocker!
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United States of America
Sierra Vista AZ
United States of America
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More About GypsyPianoBlues

Pittsburgh Museum examiner described Denise Peachey's Gypsy Piano Blues as having livened up the Avenue in the Nov 2009 performance series in the Bloomfield section of Pittsburgh.Denise,known for her keyboard,blues organ,harp & vocal skills,has released 3 CD'S and has appeared on the Code Pearl CD(proceeds went to Hurricane Katrina relief efforts).Peachey appeared at The Baltimore Jazz & Blues Fest,The Federal Hill Jazz & Blues Festival with her previous band Gypsy &Crazymoon,(2003)Her Inspirations have been Elvis Presley,&The Rolling Stones,Her influences includebig grin :Dr.John,Jerry Lee Lewis,Fats Waller&Leon Russel.
Recently Played The Rockabilly Show at The Hitching Post Bisbee AZ sept 29 2022 The Hitching Post Blues Show 0ct 2022
Played at NAMI Benefit May 20 2023
Got Listed in The Herald Sierra Vista AZ Sunday May 21sAnd a new album in the works!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I used to play first night in Pittsburgh PA had to run in stores to warm up my fingers.Now Im in Sierra Vista AZ& have been since June 2020 Im feeling my way around

Embarrassing Moment

I was playing the Williamsburgh PA Arts festival 2005(w previous band) & the bassist decides to unplug guitarists a fight was brewing...We were starting out with Led Zeppelin's version of You Shook Me a major guitar part comes at beginning and to my dismay there was no bass no guitar just drums ..I started organ part long slow ,in front of the two behind me giving each other slaps and bangs.
Finally I turned around at one point and said just play!..out of earshot of the mike.
then guitar and bass came slowly in as they steamed at each other.
I was sweating bullets.

My Instrument

I had just bought an 88 key Yamaha(2002).had two bands Gypsy Piano Blues(solo or with friends) & Gypsy & The Crazymoon) it was the night before Christmas eve..played a show in Pgh in the Mckees Rocks day( harmonica player took truck home with equipment so we wouldn't have to load up again as we were playing Xmas eve.
He came to door banging on itwas after 12pm,never slept that long)
The keyboard,keyboard amp & pa speakers were taken out of truck.
He didn't have a cap on it but he drove it up beside his window at house .
He had to get replacement so I ended up with a Korg Stage Piano took two guys to lift like taking the front off of a regular piano,two subwoofers & speaker ugh from the Seventies and a Peavey pa keyboard amp (older of course).
Used all this until I got tax rebate (still used Korg though).It was horrible equipment was way too heavy!!