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Grandpa Jim | A Friendly Curmudgeon
Grandpa Jim
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United States of America
Zanesville, Ohio
United States of America
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Hi, I'm James Schaper

I grew up as a farm boy in the middle of Iowa. In 1969 I joined the Navy and left to see the world taking my guitar with me everywhere I went. It was my first guitar a, Gibson L48 and I still have it hanging on the wall in my music room.

I very much appreciate technology, especially Streetjelly, giving me the opportunity to play music in the comfort of home. I’ve played in many bands over the years, mostly in the Chicago market and have experienced all the things musicians don’t enjoy. But, I wouldn’t change a thing. Making music has been a source of good times even during the hard times. How else could you spend Friday and Saturday nights in a bar, drinking for free and leave at the end of the night with more money than I had when I went in? Those were some wild and crazy times.

Thanks Streetjelly
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I once got a ticket for "Playing Banjo Without A Permit" by the music police at an outdoor festival.

Embarrassing Moment

Don't tell banjo jokes with a guitar on your lap. Lesson learned.

My Instrument

My first was a Gibson L48 I got in 1966. I still have it. There have been many since then but now I use three instruments, a Gretsch, a Taylor, and an Iida banjo.

I was in a music store one day buying strings and noticed a black Gretsch hanging on the wall. I checked it over and noodled with it. A couple days later went back to visit the guitar. On my third trip (just to see it again) I caved in and brought it home with me. It asked me to take it home. What else could I do?

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