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GeorgeJoseph | Rockin' and Rollin' singer-songwriter
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United States of America
New York, NY
United States of America
  • Alternative
  • Blues
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More About GeorgeJoseph

After blazing a path through the legendary Sunset Strip highlighted by shows at The Roxy Theater and The Troubadour, singer-songwriter - George Joseph - now resides in New York City, fusing his L.A. rock roots with East Coast flavor.

Highly influenced by such legends as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley, The Replacements, Jimi Hendrix, The Dandy Warhols, and The Doors - George packs a large variety of styles into his Rock and Roll music.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I've played on the streets of L.A. a number of times. One time, as I was playing "Pink Cadillac", a guy came up and claimed to be Bruce Springsteen. He looked a bit like Bruce but obviously was not him. So I said, okay - what town in New Jersey were you born in? When he said "Hoboken", I had him. I said - that's where Sinatra was born, Springsteen was born in Long Branch. The guy thought a moment, then said - "That's what I meant, I'm Frank Sinatra". I said - well then you look pretty good, considering you've been dead for about twenty years!

Embarrassing Moment

Onstage at The Cat Club in L.A., before it closed, I did the super common embarrassing thing - stepped on my own guitar cable, yanking it out of the jack. Because it was just me playing and singing the music ground to an absolute halt. Crickets! Luckily, the audience was cool about it when I re-attached and started rocking again!

My Instrument

I had to sell my sunburst Les Paul '59 reissue for rent money. Still hurts. But I have a killer new black Les Paul.