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GemmaSinclair | Agoraphobic artist with a lot to say!
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
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I am Gemma Sinclair!

me here or on other streaming sites, singing about the topics that mean the most to me!

Agoraphobia, anorexia, anxiety and such.

Music is what keeps me alive and helps me to express, and I hope that in some way, that this helps you too!

Please always feel free to drop me a line and see what going on!


Find me on twitter @GemmaSinclair20
My artist discord server @
Sessions - (its an app) @ GemmaS
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never performed on the streets (#agoraphobic) but I have played to many an online crowd,

Embarrassing Moment

When I tried to sing the words from a Harley Poe song, called, I have gone years without a job, accidentally switched it for, gone years without a knob. Lol. Oops

My Instrument

Guitar - My first love after learning the uke and piano, and now I am sooo on to banjo as well!!

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