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Garth | the Dutch Southern Countryboy
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More About Garth

I start to make music when i was 12 years old.
I play the drums, sing a lot, play in bands.
In 1993 I quit my job, because i was too busy with the music, so i became a pro.
I make music till 2000 then the band stop.
I thought i wouldnt miss the music, but in 2011 I start to practise guitar. And now i'm playing on streetjelly. the Dutch Southern Countryboy.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

They booked us for a whole day, from 2pm till 2 am, when we came there, there was a small fight, but at 10 pm .... the whole bar was fighting, we flee outside through the kitchen.

Embarrassing Moment

The first time we played with midifiles.... we had a song, witch started with an intro... after that, i had to sing but i coudnt get the right key :-(

My Instrument

I don't give my guitars names, but i have an Sigma DMC-15E 6 string and a Takamine GD30CE 12 string.

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