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Group Therapy | Dancing makes me happy.
Group Therapy
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Nashville, Tennessee USA
United States of America
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Group Therapy - We are dedicated to fulfilling our viewers dreams of dancing, all the time. Have you ever been sad when when you're dancing? NO. We can't enjoy normal life nowadays like concerts, town fairs, war reenactments and rubbing your constitutionally protected right to dance in The Mans face. So, we might as enjoy our sad little homes, our little bunkers and go on a 12 month bender and dance! dance! dance! Dance like the wind Dance like you'll never dance again! Dance Free! Dance Naked! Dance Hard! Make up new dance moves. Let your inner dancer out! Have that snappy answer ready when they want to know your secret to surviving pandemic lock-down. That's right, it's dancing with Group Therapy everyday, without the group. Like on-line yoga but totally different. *Dancing with world-famous Group Therapy an hour a day can prevent heart attacks and mend broken ones."
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Strolling about Tallinn one fine day, Drew came upon a band of gypsies busking in a square in front of an old Teutonic castle. They were playing Black Magic Woman. He stopped to listen in, and they encouraged him to sing for them, because Santana sounded like, well, not at all like Santana in Finno-Hungarian, It was more like the shrieks of dying narwhals . It didn't matter because Drew didn't know the words anyway, but they didn't know that.

Embarrassing Moment

When I realized that dancing would save me and alter the course of mankind, bit didn't. Mankind is indeed set on a course dictated by dancing; however, it hasn't saved me yet.

My Instrument

Guitar mostly.

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