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Free_Range_Minstrel - Harmonica and Mountain Dulcimer music
“2 4 2 SDay” 
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“2 4 2 SDay”
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Free_Range_Minstrel | Harmonica and Mountain Dulcimer music
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United States of America
Athens, GA
United States of America
  • Instrumental
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More About Free_Range_Minstrel

I'm completely self-taught and read music and tabs and can transpose. I've been doing it for years (also play the tenor recorder as well). I love playing at festivals and open air markets around North Georgia, and even play regularly at some yoga classes, too. I love to go busking whenever I get the chance, even on vacation (more often than my wife would probably like).
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My new favorite busking spot is Shirlington Village in Arlington, Va. What a beautiful area . I met some really wonderful people that morning. Chicago has to get a mention for great busking. I found a wonderful spot on a pedestrian underpath near one of the museums. I was busking at Dupont Circle in Washington DC. Suddenly, a crazy man came running up, stripping off his clothes and yelling incoherently. I had to stop busking for 15 minutes or so while he burnt himself out physically, ranting and raving while he climbed the fountain. Finally, he left exhausted, leaving his shirt behind, just before the police showed up. It was an interesting afternoon, that's for sure!

My Instrument

I play the mountain dulcimer, harmonica, and foot tambourine, one man band style. My dulcimer is one I designed and built myself. It's unusual in shape and size, because I like to experiment with different acoustical properties. My harmonica of choice is the Hohner XB-40 in low D, which is no longer manufactured (damn the bad luck), so my birthday and holiday gifts are usually a used one we've managed to find online. I have a repair kit and keep them going. I also built my own foot tambourine. As you can see, I'm a bit of a mechanic. I have recently started playing the Tenor Recorder again after letting it go for many years. I usually include it on one or two songs during my set

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