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Frederic & Ronza | Official Soul band, Frederic & Ronza!
Frederic & Ronza
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United States of America
Indianapolis, IN
United States of America
  • Blues
  • Vocal
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More About Frederic & Ronza

Since 2013 Frederic & Ronza have written, recorded, and performed at many famous venues with their soul band. They love to entertain, and their original arrangements are so unique that it's difficult to select one genre that best describes them. However, Soul music is at the heart of every song they write, and you can definitely hear the inspirations of soul and r&b in their vocals. They recorded their first album, "Heart & Soul" and began a tour in October 2018. Originally located in Grand Rapids, MI, now they make their home in Indianapolis, IN. Not only do they perform originals but also a few popular covers from several genres. Tune in to one of their live shows, and we think you'll enjoy these two!!

Frederic & Ronza are proudly endorsed by, Santo Guitar USA!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Nothing funny to tell...other than the fact that when we have played on the street, we must appear quite photogenic cause everyone has their phones out videotaping us lol. We always wonder where in the world those videos will show up!

Embarrassing Moment

After visiting a concert venue prior to our performance date, we unfortunately didn't notice that the inputs on the snake connected to the main board had the wrong receivers for our equipment. We lost all of our rehearsal time the day of the concert attempting to remedy the situation. Fortunately for us, our opening act lived just a few miles away and brought in some equipment that we were able to use for the concert. We had to step out and perform with no real practice, but we were amazed at how well the concert went, and we definitely gained some new fans that night!! Thankfully, we were well-rehearsed cause we didn't make notes about the sound issues. Oh well, you live and you, now we always take all our equipment just in case ;)

My Instrument

Endorsed by Santo Guitar USA in 2018, and the Santo Tonecaster is the main guitar i play. But, I also have the Seagul acoustic, an Ibanez 5 string bass, a Gibson SG, and an original Stewart Blue sparkle 4 pc drum set that i got when I was 9 years old. We still use it for our recordings!

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