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United States of America
Phoenix Arizona
United States of America
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I remember hearing "Little Honda" by the Beach Boys on KOOL radio here in the 70s.
Until then I only heard Country music, being from a small town in the midwest. So I dove in to Rock n Roll, but I went backwards, from the mid 60s.
So I discovered Doo Whop and bought all the "Golden Oldies" collections. I watched ShaNana and Happy Days. The Monkees were always good as well.

In the 80s my friends were "Wavers" but I turned to Punk for the rhythm and harmonies, and the Rolling Stones and ZZ Top for Blues.

I never dreamed of writing an actual song because all the good stuff had already been done. So I thought. That's when I found Street Jelly and some amazing songs from some amazing Artists, Thank you all for welcoming me as you have.
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I met a girl that really thought she was Taylor Swift.

Embarrassing Moment

An SJ musician was hosting an open mic in Phx near my house. I had practiced 2 songs for a week, but I was still afraid to go on stage. I met a couple guys that encouraged me to do it, so I went into Zombie mode. I kept breathing normal, focused on one thing at a time. Tuning, right key of harmonica, guitar strap was secure, go time. Oops, now I just wait and get scared to death while I listen to a real musician finish his last song. Luckily the Zombie mantra had worked, I was hardly scared at all, just really spaced out, or zoned in, whichever, I was different.
So the MC announces me like Im a big, but Im still zoned out. Plugged in and, wow! My guitar sounded amazing. A drummer jumped up on stage which helped me stay calm. We did 2 fun songs, got a great applause and I jumped off the stage without unplugging my guitar.

My Instrument

My baby is a '19 Gibson J45. Im going to name it Stimulus.

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