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Five_OClock | Coffee house covers
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Levis, Quebec
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More About Five_OClock

For decades, gleaning crumbs of virtuosity swept by the winds of time swiftly, inspired by masters of musical might, in each song, finding peace of mind, let's get together and feel alright.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Never did.

Embarrassing Moment

On the very last note (B) of Comfortably Numb, you know after the frontman jumps, when he hits the floor as a queue for the ultimate punch ... the power breaker tripped... total darkness, the band was muted, all you could hear was the crowd cheering. Initially an embarrassing moment, now one of my fondest memories. And yes I wrote a song about it.

My Instrument

Inherited from my mom and before that her dad, whom I never met on earth, my first fiddle's finger board is twisted but is still the most natural touch of all I have played.

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