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FakeCountry | Pre-80s country and fake country
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United States of America
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Songs for and about the people that never made it out, of lost love, missed opportunities, indelible heartache, fierce individuality and about the way things oughta be, done on the cheap, with urgent conviction and as if the 80s, 90s, aughts and after never happened. Everything that country music used to be.I mean that's the spiel anyway
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I'm too shy to perform on the streets.

Embarrassing Moment

Everything about performing is embarrassing to me. The whole idea of it is ridiculous. Relating embarrassing stories is far too embarrassing. What am I even doing here?

My Instrument

My motto is "if it can't be done on the cheap, it ain't worth doin'" I guess I'm a contrarian in that regard.

One of the reasons I play music is because it is a cheap hobby. I have a $150 squier tele that my former bandmates bought me because my other guitar was even cheaper. Old Sears amp I bought at an auction for 50 bucks.

I have an old Harmony acoustic I found in a pile of garbage down the street in 2018. Keeps its tune (mostly) so it's fine.

I have a cobbled together drum kit, most of which I found on the street when somebody in my neighborhood was throwing it away. Was minutes away from groundscoring a complete drum set some college kids put at the side of the road for garbage pickup but the neighbor kid was inside asking his folks if he could take it as I was loading it into my truck. I couldn't say no to him when he asked me if he could have it.

Lots of pilfered gear from years in a band.

I did splurge on a Guild a few years ago. I like it ok.