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DonSchink | "Clean Country" - Family Friendly & Fun! :)
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United States of America
Albuquerque, New Mexico
United States of America
  • Country
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More About DonSchink

I write & perform traditional country, Christian country, some covers - and even some old 60's rock, if the mood strikes. :) My music is branded as "clean country," simply to portray that it is family-friendly. I have fun. Some rather significant opportunities have come my way the past few years, for which I am thankful. My fans have been quite complimentary and supportive, which I appreciate.
I have 2 country music CD's and 3 Christian Country. All songs performed are my original compositions.
I am #1 on the country music chart for Albuquerque area on ReverbNation, as I write this several weeks). I have also had the privilege of performing with Cowboy Troy and Friends at Nashville's Hard Rock Cafe, as well as a brief acoustical performance for an insurance group and a tour group at the Grand Ole Opry stage in 2011. - email for booking or info., etc. -
Strangely. my web site was hacked by tte Chinese. I need a new one.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

In February of 2011, I had the privilege of performing with Cowboy Troy and Friends. I was the opening performance. I was getting ready to go on stage at Nashville's Hard Rock Cafe when I was told that over 2,400 people had already logged on to the live feed over the Internet. I'm used to being in front of people, in ministry. However, I suddenly got really nervous as it wasn't the ones that I could see, but rather those that I could not see that suddenly made me so nervous. For a brief second, I forgot the opening line of my song... I said a quick mental prayer and it came back to me, thank the Lord. :)

Embarrassing Moment

Several years ago, I was so caught up in leading a worship service that I accidentally stepped off of the stage, sprawling on the floor in front of everyone. The people thought that it was great and that they'd been expecting it for a long time, as I was so in to the music and moved around a lot.

My Instrument

I named my favorite guitar "road kill," as a friend found it along Interstate 40, several years ago and gave it to me. The case had been smashed beyond recognition and the guitar inside was damaged. There was no way of knowing who had lost it. I took it to a guitar shop in Albuquerque where a tech glued it back together and only charged my $30. It still has scars but sounds just fine. I have other guitars that I use in live performances, however it is still a great guitar to kick around with.

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