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Denny Diamond | The World's Okayest Vocalist
Denny Diamond
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United States of America
Rockford, IL
United States of America
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More About Denny Diamond

I'm Denny Svehla aka: Denny Diamond. Just call me Denny. I'm a husband, and a father of 3 great kids, I love Bernese Mountain Dogs, telling bad dad jokes and I call myself "The World's Okayest Vocalist".

I started singing in musicals back in high school and college. I was in a wedding band called "Night Moods" for a few years then moved on to become a mobile DJ with my brother. We tried to differentiate ourselves by using karaoke and sing during dinner music. Back then karaoke was on 8-track tapes.

In '2000' I was given the opportunity to perform on a Dick Clark produced tv show called, "Your Big Break". That sent me on a ride as a Neil Diamond tribute artist.

Today I am still performing my tribute show. Sometimes as a solo acoustic show and other times with an amazing 9 piece show band. But most of the time you'll find me in my basement performing online.

I just enjoy singing. And I hope you like it as well because I'll sing if you'll listen.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

My musical career has been pretty subdued. Stop in and as I tell stories you can let me know which one deserves to be here?

Embarrassing Moment

I'm just gonna come out and say it. I sang Paul Anka's, "Having My Baby", to the wrong woman. Wasn't just embarrassing for me.

My Instrument

I have bought and sold so many guitars. I often wonder why I didn't keep every one of them. I do have a Garth Brooks Takamine that I have played so much the sound hole is worn away and I cut myself when I play it. So I don't play it. But I really like the action and how it sounds.

Currently I have 2 Taylors, 2 Ovations and a 2 Takamine. Not sure of the model numbers I'll have to check them.

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