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DaveHolmes | Live Brazilian Vibes, Folky Pop,Loops + more!
United Kingdom
Stevenage, England, UK
United Kingdom
  • Vocal
  • Latin
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Enjoy the sounds. Thanks guys!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I have travelled a fair bit and lived in many places. I have lots of crazy stories about my life. Ask me!

Embarrassing Moment

Too many stories... =) well story #1.. My first gig in Brazil! I was invited to the stage for some classic rock and blues jamming. It went really well, I was rocking the house, everyone was watching me playing and they were really enjoying the sounds...until about the 5th song in when I started to play ...Stairway to heaven. The singer turned to me smiling and said in English "This guy is crazy!!" Then I realised I didn't know the rest of the song too well and even worse I was so drunk that I pretty much gave up and slumped over my guitar on stage and the night was closed down. I then got the silent treatment and evil dagger eyes from everyone as they packed up...I won't be playing there again! =)

Story #2 Brugge 2014. I left my guitar and sheet music on the train. So about an hour before my gig was meant to start it was heading back to Antweerp an hour away ! I got the guitar back in time on the return train. I started 30 minutes late but played 1 extra hour. It was a great gig!

My Instrument

Classical Nylon Guitar