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Daniel-Noel | Canadian Lefty
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I grew up listening to everything from George Jones and Merle to Elvis to Dylan and 70's pop from the Am radio snuck under the blankets at bedtime, April Wine and Nazareth...Sabbath and Zeppelin. I had a lot of siblings ranging from 5 years younger to 15 years older and depending on who was home, ( and throwing a party) that was what I heard.
In fact, it wasn't until my early teens that I realized people put music in me music was just music...I loved it all. Still do.
I try my best not to judge others playing or singing...after all that is the very essence of of music. It may have been our ancestors beating a stick on a log, right up to tribal dances, medieval troubadours then to modern "music"...the beat is in us all. It is the one constant on this matter the religion, the race or the language...we all play and listen to music.
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Life on the Street

Once while playing in a Montreal Metro station, an old man walked up, nodded to me and began to sing harmony in a voice so heart near burst with joy.

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Best not

My Instrument

Martin 00015M Street Master. solid Mahogany. I installed a LR Baggs Ibeam pickup.

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