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DanZalles | Singer Songwriter Extraordinaire
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Palo Alto, California
  • Folk
  • Blues
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More About DanZalles

As a solo artist and member of bands British Wire Gauge, Wayward Monks, and Outer Half, I’ve put out nine albums of original material. I have song in a film The Big Meet and won honorable mention for best instrumental in an International Songwriting Competition. I’ve written jazz, rock, folk, country, and blues – mostly with vocals but three albums of instrumentals too. I play gigs in the San Francisco Bay Area as a member of the rock band Outer Half and the acoustic folk blues trio Slide Dogs, plus as a soloist. I produce most of my songs and have made music videos for a bunch of them too. You can hear eight of my albums on Spotify and other major streaming platforms, plus I have YouTube channel of my music videos. I also have put a lot of material on my website and on the Outer Half site. On Street Jelly, I’ll play songs of mine that sound good with just an acoustic guitar. On my solo recordings, I sing and play the guitars, bass, trumpet, and keyboards.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Once, a band I was in was hired to play at an outside private party. But, when we got there and started setting up our electric guitars, drums, amps, and PA, one of the people who hired us said she was worried we would be too loud and asked if we could simply play without plugging in. Ooops!

Here's another one: my old band British Wire Gauge was trying to get to a gig but the old hearse jalopy we used to haul our equipment konked out on the way. Fortunately, my band mate Steve was a real handy and he managed to kick it back into very temporary life.

Embarrassing Moment

Most embarrassing moment was warming up for Chris Isaak at a gig in Oakland and comparing what he had on to what I had on.

My Instrument

My first electric guitar was a used Sears & Roebuck Silvertone with a terminally compromised upper E string. Fortunately, I managed to upgrade to one that I still play today - my red Gibson semi-hollow body D355. This gem of a guitar was also played by BB King, Jorma Kaukonen, and Jerry Garcia in his early Grateful Dead days.