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Chase Brady | Acoustic songwriter/stylist
Chase Brady
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United States of America
Toledo Ohio
United States of America
  • House Concert
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I grew up listening to Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, CSN&Y, James Taylor. Since then, I've flirted with Blues, Traditional Country, Bluegrass and a few more, but I keep coming back to singer/songwriter stuff. I've been influenced by Fred Neil, James Taylor, John Fahey, Allison Krause and many others. I'm a multi-instrumentalist. For solo work such as these broadcasts, I play acoustic guitar and acoustic lap steel guitar. At jam sessions, I might show up with a mandolin or dobro.
I have several CDs on CDBaby. There's a link to the right.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

I'll be using two instruments predominantly for these broadcasts. The first is an acoustic lap steel guitar made by James Adams in Texas. It's a first cousin to a dobro, but instead of a resonator cone, it has a standard flat soundboard like a regular guitar. It has no frets (just inlaid lines) and the strings are very high to facilitate playing with a slide bar. Most of the time, I tune it to open D (lo to hi D A D F# A D). I do a couple of tunes in low G (D G D G B D).
My standard acoustic guitar is a Chinese made Wechter. It's inspired by the old 12-fret 000 Martins made a long time ago. The neck is joined to the body at the 12th fret instead of the 14th as usual. I love 12 fret iguitars, and this one particularly. I've owned much more expensive guitars, but none that played or sounded any better. Sadly, they're no longer made.

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