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Bart Moore | Verbose & Offbeat Musical Tales
Bart Moore
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United States of America
Grand Ledge, MI
United States of America
  • Folk
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More About Bart Moore

Bart Moore's music weds the native influences of the Pogues, Tom Waits and Basement Tapes-era Dylan to a head-full full of images and impressions that are singularly his own. Songs range from bizarre odysseys and flights of fancy to epic ballads, tall tales and vivid character studies – fueled by love of literature, Irish whisky and a penchant for grand hyperbole.

Once a veteran of the San Francisco alt rock scene, Moore, a Michigan native, relocated to the Lansing area “to escape the Big City club scene and postpone ultimate deafness”. Eschewing his Les Paul for an acoustic guitar, he settled on a farm in nearby Grand Ledge and made himself a presence in the local clubs. In 2017 he released his acclaimed CD, "Curse of Los Lunas", at Lansing’s venerable Robin Theater.

“Thank you for blessing me with the ‘Curse of Los Lunas.’ It is being sung along with constantly in my car.”
____Kevin Curtin, Music Writer, Austin Chronicle
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Played in a number of folk rockish and (later) grunge rock bands (Slings & Arrows, Ninemile Wolves) in the San Francisco clubs before moving back to the Midwest a few years ago....which probably saved me from going deaf! The big advantages folk and acoustic music has over rock: (1) Nobody needs to lug an 8-piece drum kit around; (2) les ear damage. Wild moment: Talking to Joe Strummer of the Clash for a couple hours in the RIte Spot Tavern, on Folsom Street in San Francisco.....The whole time, he denied he was Joe Strummer. Joe died 22 December, 2002. The world is worse off for it.

Embarrassing Moment

Chronic Stage Fright!'s embarrassing, I tell you

My Instrument

FINALLY got a Martin 6-string Guitar last spring, a D-13. To go with with my Martin D-12X 12-string. Those are what I play live. My FAVORITE guitar is my 1964 Gibson J-50....a gift from my dad on my 8th birthday. Original machines and pick-guard (re-glued several times). A crack in the bell where my music partner dropped it back in 1978. Still sounds great....

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