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Chatham-Kent, Ontario
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Hi, My name is Moyralyn, I'm just an ol ' painter gal, who's been strumming for 40 yrs. I wrote a few tunes over the those years, played a few gigs, made a lil money and a whole lot of friends. I always loved singin' in the kitchen...the heart of any home.
My influences were my dad, he was a steel, guitar, mandolin, harp player, if it had strings he was all over it! My brother was the lead guitar player in our town's rock band, there was always music in our house. I play my original & many cover songs.

I have lived and played in different towns on the Canadian and US side of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, done a few paying gigs, lots of open mic's, but my favourite gigs to play are Benefits.
Thank you for reading and hope you will come back to listen when I do a StreetJelly Concert from a kitchen near you.
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I want to Thank Classy_Croc for your kindness.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

In 2009, I was playing a gig on the street in Westfield NY, for their '1st Friday Summer series', They had a 4 or 5 musicians spread out over the main street of town . I got myself setup in front of a store with 'Baby', a mic/stand & a small jazz amp, thought I had it all set up properly, started playing when a passerby stopped, adjusted my amp told me I sounded good but my guitar needed tweaking, said he did sound for a company out of Erie PA, I thanked him & he moved on! That was pretty darn cool, I just wish I had got his name.

Embarrassing Moment

Way too many to list here lol

My Instrument

I play my 36 yr old Yamaha FG375SII, I call her 'Baby',
& 'Woody', my Washburn Woodline WLD10SCE,
I have a cordless acoustic guitar/mic amp
and Neewer NW7000 USB mic for online