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Brisbane, Queensland
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I was introduced to this site by my friend Jimmy "DreamerOneManBand" and I owe him a big thanks for all the hours spent helping me set up so I can sing on here! I would still be trying to get everything working if it weren't for his help. :-)

I always loved singing but usually just sang around the house and while putting kids to bed. In 1999 after moving to Country NSW, I sang "hopelessly devoted to you" at a Karaoke. I squeaked my song but I found out I loved being on stage. I started learning songs and joined the local CM Club. Now I have a little more time to do what I love, , so here I am enjoying my music Therapy. :-)

I don't play an instrument as yet. I am learning the guitar but it's a slow process. Wish I'd started learning when I was much younger! Love singing duets and looking for someone who would like to sing with me or play guitar for me to go out there and sing! For any collabs email me at
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Life on the Street

None to share yet :-)

Embarrassing Moment

I'm sure there will be plenty!

My Instrument

My instrument is my voice :-) Trying to learn the guitar at the moment... slow process! :-)

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