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United States of America
Fairbanks, Alaska
United States of America
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More About AlaskaGirl

Hello. My name is Arlene Slocum. I was born in New York City, but my heart and soul has always been in Alaska. I have lived in New York and Kansas, but didn't get to realize my dream to be a musician until I retired and moved to Fairbanks in 2012.

I sing and play guitar with a few local jam groups. When the pandemic hit, public performances were shut down except for busking. I got a busking license and made a performance group of ad hoc musicians called Sail With Me. We performed all summer and raised money to rescue a historic steamship in the park where we played.

My goal is to make at least one person smile each day. I do this by playing music that people remember from happier days. You know, the songs you would sing to on the radio as you were cruising down the street, or that special song you made out to with your boy or girlfriend from school. I love to see someones lips moving along singing the words of a song they are happy to hear. Come out and enjoy!

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I was playing in the park in the summer 2020. A lady walked by with a young kid in a stroller. After they passed by, the kid undid his safety belt, hopped out of the stroller and went back to where I was playing and started to dance. His Mom came back and she started dancing too. They were so happy to hear live music during the pandemic!

Embarrassing Moment

An embarrassing moment. I was busking in downtown Fairbanks and the only audience I had were a few homeless guys. One was drunk asleep on a bench and the rest were I thought ignoring me. One of them came up behind me and when I started to turn around he gave me a hug and wanted to grab my mic and sing with me. This wouldn't have been so bad but it was during the pandemic and I had to shove him out so he could keep 6ft away.

My Instrument

I own 3 guitars. A Martin 00-15 mahogany top is my go to instrument for performance. I use a baby 3/4 size Martin made of laminate for travel, camping, and performing in cold weather.
I am learning to play electric guitar on a wonderful 60’s style Squier Mustang (made by Fender).

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