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AlSund | Old Age Aint for Sissies
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United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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More About AlSund

Been on the road for so long now. Back in the 1970's we would tour around the Bad Lands of the North East of England. Playing in Working Mens Clubs (I know but it was the 70's,)

I spend most of my time in the warmth of the studio (Garage) writing and recording...

Some songs are better "Stripped Back and Bare"

So if you want the original sound? Pop on a CD....

If you like what you hear? My Name is Al...Sund... Buckle up its going to be one hell of a ride!!

Long May You Shine

Just remember Old Age don't last forever... and it ain't for Sissies!!!
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Guy asked how much I made per street? I said about £5. He gave me £15 and asked me to go 3 streets away....The old ones are the best!

Embarrassing Moment

We set off some pyrotechnique in a night club once...Filled the place with smoke, set off the smoke alarms and the Fire Brigade arrived.... They were not happy!!

My Instrument

I play a Martin called Dean....