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3piece-me | NY Rocker
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United States of America
Schenectady, NY
United States of America
  • Rock
  • Reggae
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More About 3piece-me

I have been rocking on guitar and bass since 1980.
"Cyborg Johnny" is a term/name I use to describe that my backing tracks are made up of bass and drums and most of the time, synth keys as would be played by me, or a band if I had one together again. So as a multi-instrumentalist, I do it all myself, for now. The backing parts being computer sequenced, It's like having me perform as part man, part machine...a cyborg.

My favorite genre is 80's rock, but, along the way, I've picked up some others.
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I once made $74 in one busking hour. It's harder to find spots to play live, especially in the winter months. That's mainly why I'm here.

Embarrassing Moment

I don't really have any "most" embarrassing moments, but I guess when I play the wrong chord and sing the right note...or vice versa.

My Instrument

Cort - Hiram Bullock's signature
2 Ibanez S-Series
Epiphone SG (21frets)
Charvel Desolator
Fernandez (Fender Strat-style)
Stagg SG style (22 frets)

The Vox is broken, Fender Rumbler 25, Peavy Rage 258, Roland Micro Cube

Fender Squire Jazz,
Washburn G-200,
Devlin "Funk Master"

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