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3piece-me | NY Rocker
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United States of America
Schenectady, NY
United States of America
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I have been rocking on guitar and bass since 1980.
"Cyborg Johnny" is a term/name I use to describe that my backing tracks are made up of bass and drums and most of the time, synth keys as would be played by me, or a band if I had one together again. So as a multi-instrumentalist, I do it all myself, for now. The backing parts being computer sequenced, It's like having me perform as part man, part machine...a cyborg.

My thing is 80's rock (The Cars, The Police, The Cure). New Wave, (The Clash, Living Color, The Knack, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Gary Newman, The Fixx) Punk, and Alternative.
My favorite bands of the 90's & 2000's are: Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine, U2, Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers...
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My Instrument

Cort - Hiram Bullock signature
two Ibanez S-Series
Epiphone SG,
Charvell Desolator
Fernandez (Fender Strat-style)
A Stagg (SG style 22 fret)
Vox Valvetronix VT50
Fender Rumbler 25, Crate EL-10G
Fender Squire Jazz,
Washburn G-200,
Devlin "Funk Master"

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