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1stimestar | Arctic Fiddler; Keeping Warm.
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United States of America
Fairbanks, AK
United States of America
  • Celtic
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I started playing in late 2011 as a memorial to my late husband. It's been my love affair ever since. I love the fiddle because I can play it in my cozy cabin in the middle of the woods in the middle of Alaska or I can play it on a mountain top. I can play in the forest, on the tundra, or around a campfire. And I have. I also think it helps me be a good role model to my two children. They hear daily that practice and dedication can take me from scratchy, flat notes to beautiful music.

I'm really just learning so be gentle with me. I'll get there. I like Celtic and American Folk the best but have many songs from many genres. I love them all.

See you soon,
Georganne Hampton