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Hello, I'm yyviola, a lover of classical music (particularly romantic pieces!) I began learning viola as an adult, at first with the goal to get into a community orchestra (they always need more violist!). Progress is slow, especially as an adult, but I am now playing in the St Andrews and Fife Community Orchestra, and really enjoying it. You can find me on YouTube (yyviola) for my progress videos. Thanks for visiting!
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

Once, when I was desperate to practice but had no time after work, I played my viola beside the garbage dump of a hospital during my lunch break. People walked by but thankfully didn't say anything. I do hope that the people in the hospital enjoyed the Tchaikovsky!

Embarrassing Moment

Went twice the speed during an orchestra performance. Lead the section astray. The conductor began counting out loud to get everyone else back on track. Eek!

My Instrument

I play on an eBay Yitamusic viola. The viola has my last name written in Chinese on the body of the instrument, near the tailpiece. It's a tiny scribble, I didn't notice it until this year. Coincidence, or fate???

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