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Urbanfella | Acoustic Guitar & Vocals
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Vancouver BC
  • Vocal
  • Oldies
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Number of shows: 452
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More About Urbanfella

Just a regular Fella who likes to play acoustic guitar and sing.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

My Instrument

Martin OM 21 Special - Guitar
LR Baggs Lyric - Pickup
Boss RC 1 - Looper
Sure SM86 - Mic
to: SR Technology Jam150 Plus - Amp
XLR line out from Amp
to: Behringer Xenyx 302USB
to: Computer via USB

Rocker Pins

Standing Ovation Pin Standing Ovation Pin
95 Awards
“Bravo, Bravo!”
Last Awarded:
Love Song Pin Love Song Pin
18 Awards
“You made my heart sing.”
Last Awarded:
DJ Pin DJ Pin
5 Awards
“Thanks for playing my song.”
Last Awarded:
Rock God Pin Rock God Pin
15 Awards
“I bow to your Godliness.”
Last Awarded:
Wedding Singer Pin Wedding Singer Pin
1 Award
“You made this party not suck.”
Last Awarded:
Charity Pin Charity Pin
1 Award
“I love and support your charity.”
Last Awarded:
Starving Artist Pin Starving Artist Pin
1 Award
“Here kid, buy yourself something.”
Last Awarded:
The Big-Deal Pin The Big-Deal Pin
1 Award
“You're going to the Big Time.”
Last Awarded:
Jellypalooza 2015 Pin Jellypalooza 2015 Pin
1 Award
Last Awarded:
Jelly Jingle Pin Jelly Jingle Pin
8 Awards
Merry Christmas!
Last Awarded:
Jellypalooza 2016 Pin Jellypalooza 2016 Pin
2 Awards
Last Awarded:
Fan Appreciation Pin Fan Appreciation Pin
1 Award
“Your fans adore you.”
Last Awarded: