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United States of America
Langhorne PA
United States of America
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More About TracyChamberlain

My name is Tracy Chamberlain. I am a singer songwriter in Langhorne PA. I currently am pushing and growing my music career to see where it will take me next. I have done music since I was 10 years old and played out professionally since I was 16. I have been given the chance to play bars, venues, festivals, and casinos. It has been an amazing ride so far!

My music life starts back where I grew up in North east Philly in Holmesburg, PA. My Grandfather, who was a country bluegrass singer/guitarist raised me. He taught me a lot about music and some chords on the guitar. I can remember being 5 years old walking into my living room to see a whole band playing. There was even a woman who played the spoons. I loved the interaction and how music brought them all together. This made me want to follow in my grandfathers footsteps.

Thank you for reading my bio and hope you stay tuned for a show or two! Thank you
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Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

The best moment I can remember from performing was getting to open for Kenny Chesney (on the side stage). It was great playing for that crowd and everyone got really into it. Another awesome moment was getting to meet Miranda Lambert and running into Dierks Bentley! They are two of my favorite people.

Embarrassing Moment

Hmm I would have to say the most embarrassing was when I forgot the words to my orignal song called Fallin. The words just disappeared from my head and the band played what felt like a 10 mins instrumental while I danced around like it was suppose to be like that. I did finally remember the words though and I nodded to my guitarist to do the intro and we played the song perfectly after that. Ugh SO embarrassing

My Instrument

I am a vocalist who pretends to play guitar. I love Sennheiser mics and strongly dislikes Shures. I own the e935 and the e835 along with the 935 wireless which I love. Then I have a collection of recording mics but I wont list them all.

As far as guitars go I currently have 5 of them. My favorite is my Big baby Taylor.
I really only write songs with them though. Maybe Ill start doing more online shows to
get better at guitar. Usually my guitarist will be with me for these shows though.

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