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sndwch_man - Cosmic Americana
“working man blues n ricks practice hour” 
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“working man blues n ricks practice hour”
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sndwch_man | Cosmic Americana
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United States of America
Mt Wash. Valley, New Hampshire
United States of America
  • Alternative
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More About sndwch_man

I didn't pick up a guitar till i was eighteen. But have been pounding it ever since
(over 40 years)
I love everything from Hank to Hendrix
I love the sound of the electric guitar but am a campfire musician at heart
Have never played professionally other than as a hoot night performer
i tend to play early 70's Americana Dylan Dead Gram Parsons and the Seldom Scene etc
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

i never actually performed in the streets i do mostly campfires
however that being said
i hitchhiked with this
guitar player
from the commons in Boston to a concert in Allston
and we spent the night in a park in Cambridge mass
and he told me a story about how everyone was trying to steal his guitar the night he slept in the commons

Embarrassing Moment

i used to play an open mike
and one night
the host introduced me as the
greatest acoustic player in the valley
i didn't believe him
because of all the other great players
but after i was embarrassed
i played the crap out of my guitar

My Instrument

My mother wanted to be miss sound of muzac (edelweis etc)
so she convinced my dad to buy her that sears silvertone.
my sister tried to learn it like a piano and she did OK
but @18 it ended in my hands
my sister had 8 years of peabody
i learned by ear
the rest is history
the Silvertone was lost to time after i left the nest
i had filed the frets and tensioned the neck
but the bridge had sunk
i have a heavy bottom beat and it beats the hell out of my guitars
as my SJ fans can attest+
nowadaze i play a variety of instruments
and have fun doing that
luv Yawl

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