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skyblueeye | Mellow acoustic inde psychedelic edge
United States of America
Tacoma Wa
United States of America
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I really don't know how to do many other things. Music is a calling for me. I knew I wanted to play drums when I was 11. I started playing drums and a little guitar when I was 12. I've been in lots of bands over the years. I am inspired by so much music! From Punk to very mellow acoustic. I find myself always searching for new music! It keeps me sane! I am influenced by nature, beauty, animals, friends, great food, silence, the vastness of the universe truly inspires me. My dreams turn into songs! Put them into immediate motion! I did cut my teeth on Nirvana's power chords as you ask in the bio introduction but a little different way. I met Kurt Cobain in 1987 through his girlfriend. His band "skid row" needed a drummer and he asked me to play. I was already in a band and didn't want to leave it. I became good friends with Kurt and didn't miss a local Nirvana show. Kurt was a very inspiring friend and musician in my life I miss him everyday!!
Anyway thank you,
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