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United States of America

United States of America
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I'm an adult attempting to learn how to fiddle! It started out as a curiosity and has become a bit of a passion. I'm slowly progressing and learning the different styles of music that can be played with the violin. I'm currently living in Washington state but I do tend to move around a bit :D

I hope that you enjoy at least some of what you hear since i'm still learning and well i do get a wee bit nervous when i'm being recorded. Thanks for stopping in!!!
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My Instrument

My two violins that I play interchangeably is Equis- my horse head scroll fiddle in the Strad style and Maggi my Maggini style violin (bet you can't guess why i named them what i did hahah) . I just play which ever strikes my fancy and/or what is close at hand since I enjoy them both though they each have their own but similar sounds.

If you interested in a good 'professional' grade violin like the Maggini pop on over to It's where I picked this beauty up at and they have all levels of awesome violins there! Now one of these days I'll play good enough to do her justice!

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