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One crazy old man afflicted with a terminal case of songwriteritis for which there is no cure. Unfortunately he never learnt music when he was younger so he is stuck with songs that have no music cept for what he hears in his head. So if you get tired of hearin him sing without music tip him profusely so he can afford to pay some of those Nashville Cats to make music for him to sing with. Go ahead and laugh cause he don't kere what you think no how long as he can make ya laugh. Course he might make ya cry now and then but then it's prolly cause you're laughin so hard. hahahaha.

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

I am doin my derndest to stay off the street thank you very much.

Embarrassing Moment

Well since I do my best to embarrass the H#!! out myself everytime I get onstage it's hard to pick one moment out of the bunch.

My Instrument

My first instrument was a trombone...nuff said bout that.
The name on my guitar is Fender, I'm guessin maybe his first name is Freddy.

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