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quinndirewytch | Live and Lo-Fi
United Kingdom

United Kingdom
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Quinn Direwytch

Being a singer, songwriter and guitarist, Quinn with her guitar sings an eclectic mix of original and cover songs. From Velvet Underground to My chemical Romance, Quinn finds inspiration in many kinds of music genres: a little bit a blues, a little bit of rock, a lot more country than is probably healthy..... with bouts of folk, an occasional reggae tune, and a disco anthem.
Summed up in her love and colourful taste for music, her motto is: "It's three chords and the truth."

Fun Stuff about the Artist

Embarrassing Moment

The first time I played on stage with what I refer to as "the little punk band" I was unfamiliar with stage hum. We got on stage and were doing sound check and I kept asking what that noise was? The rest of the band just looked at me with open mouths and said they couldn't hear any thing. The guy running sound constantly reassured me that everything was fine. So we played the show while i was convinced something was wrong. After the show I was convinced I was having some kind of auditory hallucination and talked to my band mates at length about it until finally they all laughed at once as they realised what I was hearing was just the hum from all the electronics that were on stage. Needless to say I was very red faced and from then on it became a standing joke at shows where one of the band mates would ask me at some point, " hey Quinn you hear that noise?"

My Instrument

I used to have a Hamer slammer series electric guitar . I really liked this guitar it had a really crunchy sound, double humbuckers everything an angry girl playing power chords could want. Except for the fact it had a one piece neck, as in not bolt on. So as the angry youth that I was, in a fit of rage, I had a "Punk Rock" moment. I slammed the the Hamer, in true rock n roll fashion ,on the corner of my 2x12 cabinet thus breaking the guitar in two. The neck broke away from the body. It did make a cool sound as I was murdering the guitar to the dismay of my then boy friend his only words were " What did you do?"

I did try to resurrect the guitar and with my head hanging low I took it to the shop in hope of salvaging the remains. The carcass was taken into the basement for assessment. the next day I get a phone call where the guitar guru says "this guitar is trashed". I cried. I go and claim the body and bring it home, and let my boyfriend transplant the humbuckers into his Ibanez.

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