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Mike Conde | Some Current, Some Classic, and Some Original
Mike Conde
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United States of America
United States of America
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So begins the new cycle. This is my catharsis. Expressing my self to whom ever will listen, if at least, to resonate through my musical efforts, to some sort of pain or joy from life,

My mother past away in January of 2015. It's had a profound effect on my life. Among a few other things, i call "life bumps", I am realizing the conditioning it takes in becoming a songwriter. Through the twists and turns, ups and downs, ins and outs of life, a story through perception forms. One that doesnt end even after the transmission does. From here on Ive chosen to dedicate my performances to my dear mother who showed me how to love, and more importantly, how to share that love with others. Don't be afraid to show yours. EVERYTHING counts.

Mike Conde
Fun Stuff about the Artist

Life on the Street

The wildest moment I ever had was when I performed in Hollywood at the Troubadour some years ago. I was in the middle of a song when i had an O.B.E. that stuck with me to this day. It was telling me something that Ive yet to figure out. But in hindsight i feel it leaned toward being truthful to yourself and following your heart. Or maybe my leather pants were too big for me. Im still not clear . ;-)

Embarrassing Moment

Guitar solo time and I step up to the front of the stage for my big WHAAA. Just as I do my guitar cable came out of the input jack. i looked around bewildered then the first thought i had when i realized what had happened was "OHH S**T"!

Lesson learned instantly: ALWAYS loop the cable!

My Instrument

I have 8 guitars and counting. I name them all. Im certain that i will be acquiring more so i will be investing in a baby name book

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